Want BETTER results in LESS time?

I had a thought this morning when I was working out.?

For week 3 of our program, the workouts are 45 minutes, and many of us in the group were commenting on how looooong that is. ??

Then I thought- we’re spoiled!!

I remember when I used to go to the gym.

? Get dressed, make myself presentable, grab water, drive 15 minutes to get there.

?Wait for my class to start, then workout for 45-60 minutes.

? Drive home 15 minutes.

So that’s more than 90 minutes committed to my workouts. On a good week, I did that 3-4 times, and my results were nowhere CLOSE to what I get now. ?

And that was BEFORE kids!

When Lucas was a baby I attempted to go to the gym and put him in the gym babysitting.

So add time to get him ready, nurse him so he wouldn’t have a meltdown when he was there (which he did most of the time anyway) and pray I could get through the class without the babysitter coming to get me. ?‍♀️

Yeah, so when I think 45 minutes is long, I remember alllllla that, and suddenly it seems pretty quick! ?

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