Teacher Mom Strong Challenge.

Calling all TEACHER MOMS, let’s talk!

The reality of being a teacher and a mom is:

While we love our students, it is easy to feel unappreciated, overextended, and BURNT OUT

We’re faced with never-ending expectations from administrators (Evaluation binders, IPDP’s, goals…ringing a bell for ya?)

We often don’t just teach our students, but parent them as well

We work countless hours outside of the regular school day (but teachers get summers off and have it so easy, right? 😉 )

AND…we also have our own children, who often get our exhausted leftovers when we get home

We feel GUILT for not being able to give them our BEST after giving so much to other children all day

And our OWN health and wellbeing? Yeah, about that….

As a full-time high school Special Education teacher and mother to two young children, I struggled DAILY to find enough energy to be the best teacher AND mother I could be.

I was tired all the time, living off caffeine, and felt like a shell of a human when

I got home from work in the afternoons. I often found myself turning on the tv for the kids because I was just too tired to PLAY.

To top it off, I was 5 months postpartum, nursing and pumping for my baby, 40lbs overweight, and lacking all self-confidence.

I had come to a crossroads- continue going through the motions each day, or find a way to take care of myself and improve my health, so I could be the best teacher and mom I was capable of being.

I took a chance on an at-home workout program.

I started working out 30 minutes per day, right in my living room.

I learned WHAT and HOW MUCH to eat to fuel my body properly, and starting drinking one superfood nutritional shake per day.

I joined an online accountability group to keep myself motivated and engaged.

In the beginning, I was so sore I couldn’t walk down the stairs at school without holding onto the railing with both hands.

But as time passed, I got STRONGER! The weight started to come off, my confidence grew, and my ENERGY increased. I was able to serve my students more effectively, and had more to give my children when I got home. No more TV babysitter. 🙂

I am looking for SERIOUS and MOTIVATED women who are ready to invest in themselves, take control of their time and health, and become #TEACHERMOMSTRONG with me!

Accountability in a supportive, positive, judgement-free environment.

An entire YEAR of the “Netflix of Fitness”- streaming workouts from yoga to high intensity interval training. ANYONE can do this- modifiers are available for most programs and you’ll be able to ditch the modifier as you get stronger! Most workouts are 30 minutes or less.

A nutrition plan that teaches what and how much to eat, and my guidance on how to meal prep efficiently so you’re not hitting the vending machine or school cafeteria for lunch. 😉

A 30-day supply of the highest quality, superfood nutritional shake on the market- perfect breakfast to take in the car when you’re flying out the door at 6:30am!

One-on-one support from ME, your personal coach!

An online community of like-minded individuals working towards finding that life/work balance and taking care of their health so they can bring their A-game to school and home life.

BONUS OFFER- A FREE, downloadable, 7 day intro to clean eating meal plan.

Are you ready to get #TEACHERMOMSTRONG??

I can only work with a limited number of people, in order to give each of you the one on one support that you need.

Please fill out the form below to reserve a spot in the group before it fills up!