Confession time!

I have struggled with binge eating pretty much my entire life.

I can’t have one bite of a treat, or just a little bit of something….when it comes to junk, I’m a go big or go home kind of gal. 

So last night- I’m home with the kids, left to my own devices, and I went NUTS.

Finished off some kids mac and cheese, dipped into like 50 Oreos, hit the peanut butter, sampled the banana bread that’s been staring at me for three days…you get the picture? ?‍♀️

Now I’m not saying it’s not ok to indulge- it totally is! I’m all about that balanced life.

But when you eat until you’re nauseous- yeah, not the best idea.

So my workout this morning was rough since I can still feel all that crap in my stomach, and I’m feeling the regret big time!

But I’m working on giving myself that grace- recognizing that is a weakness of mine, and letting it go and moving forward.

Where my fellow bingers at??? ?

Let’s support each other ?


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